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2-in-1 Electric Swatter & Night Lamp Zapper USB Rechargeable

2-in-1 Electric Swatter & Night Lamp Zapper USB Rechargeable

₱1,450.00 ₱2,030.00 Save ₱580.00


Are Mosquitoes, Flies, Wasps, & other Annoying Pests ruining your backyard fun? 

Electrocute annoying pests with the Bug Zapper! Go back to enjoying your Summer Fun with No Bug Bites!

Don't let bugs ruin your Summer Fun! 

KILL BUGS INSTANTLY: The Bug Zappers High Voltage output is strong enough to kill bugs as large as Wasps & June Bugs with a single Zap, instantly creating a bug-free enjoyable time.

Using a Rich, High-intensity Light, the Bug Zapper effortlessly lures in bugs & quickly eliminates them creating a Bug-Free environment for you to enjoy, so you never have to deal with nasty bug spray again!

Watch the Bug Zapper in Action Electrocute Bugs!

DOCKING STATION: The Bug Zappers included Easy to Use Dock, allows for hands-free bug zapping, unlike any other bug zapper. Not only does the Dock securely hold the Bug Zapper, but it's also a charging base, meaning that your Bug Zapper will Charge & Zap bugs all at the same time.


NO MORE GROSS FLY SWATTERS: Everyone hates fly swatters & the disgusting splattered mess they leave behind, but with the Bug Zapper, no icky mess.

FAST & EASY CHARGING: With Smart Charging Technology, the Bug Zapper quickly recharges its built-in battery meaning you never have to purchase batteries again. Unlike other Bug Zappers that plugin, you can place the Bug Zapper into the charging dock where it recharges while still attracting & eliminating pesky bugs.

SAFE TOUCH: With our 3 mesh layer design you can know you’re protected. Two exterior insulation layer and one interior ABS protective layer to prevent accidental shock.

Bugs It Will Instantly Kill

  • Mosquitoes
  • Flies
  • Wasps
  • Hornets
  • Yellow jacket bugs
  • June bugs 
  • Beatles
  • Flying insects 
  • Spiders
  • & More!